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Nakladnik: Kršćanska sadašnjost

Biblioteka: Likovi

ISBN: 9789531108362

Uvez: Meki

Broj Stranica: 594

Jezik: Engleski

Godina izdanja: 2014

Autori: Gavranović,Zvonimir

Šifra: 9789531108362

Visina: 200 mm

Širina: 140 mm

In Search of Cardinal Stepinac

A Complete Biography

The Croatian emigrant publishing house, ZIRAL, published a book by Aleksa Benigar, Alojzije Stepinac, hrvatski kardinal (Aloysius Stepinac, a Croatian Cardinal), in Rome in 1974. It has been in preparation for many years, and many valuable documents were brought to him from Zagreb by me, the personal secretary at that time to Cardinal Franjo Šeper.

Professor Jure Krišto, in the Preface of this book, In Search of Cardinal Stepinac, says: »Just as Benigar’s book is the best biography of Cardinal Stepinac in the Croatian language, Gavranović’s book is certainly the best work about Stepinac in the English language …« It is significant that the best Croatian book and the best English book about Stepinac were written outside Croatia: in Italy and in Australia. And while the author of the first book, Benigar, as a candidate for sainthood, rests in peace at the Franciscan church at Zagreb’s Kaptol, Zvonimir Gavranović, an Australian of Croatian origin, is an active parish priest in an Australian Catholic parish.


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