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Nakladnik: Medicinska naklada

ISBN: 978-953-176-478-0

Uvez: Meki

Broj Stranica: 48

Jezik izvornika: Engleski

Godina izdanja: 2010

Dimenzije: 205 x 145

Autori: Marušić,Matko

Šifra: 6656

Life of an Editor

What does it take to be an editor of a small journal at the scientific periphery, in a Balkan country going through a war and post-communist socioeconomic transition? Matko Marušić, professor of physiology and immunology at the University of Split School of Medicine and a prolific writer of short novels, tells a story of how he fought against such a string of unfavorable adjectives for a scientific magazine to fulfill his dream of making a good international journal.

The war in Croatia demonstrated the exceptional medical work of Croatian physicians and taught Prof. Marušić and his co-editor in chief that the primary role of editors in small communities is that of educators in scientific communication and research methodology. The Croatian Medical Journal developed into a respectable player in the mainstream medical field , as well as into an active member of the international editorial community, including the World Association of Medical Editors, Council of Science Editors, European Association of Science Editors, and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

The road to success was not easy, especially when the journal introduced the culture and practice of responsible publishing and research integrity. The stories in this book

are reflections on both the bright and the dark sides of editorial work, where humor is sometimes the only and the best medicine.


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