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Nakladnik: Concordia Publishing House

ISBN: 978-0-7586-1425-4

Uvez: Tvrdi

Broj Stranica: 30

Jezik: Engleski

Godina izdanja: 2008

Dimenzije: 260 x 210

Autori: Doherty,Paula, Harrast,Tracy

Šifra: 4180

My Qiant Fold-out Book - Christmas

With Scripture references and colorful illustrations, My Giant Fold-out Book - Christmas teaches children about Christ's birth in a very special way. Kids will feel like they are there when Gabriel appears to Mary, Jesus is born in a stable, the shepherds are visited by angels, and more. Giant fold-out flaps extend up, down, right, and left to create beautiful panoramic scenes that bring the first Christmas to life.


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