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Nakladnik: Vlastita naklada (Miki Bratanić)

ISBN: 978-953-954-146-9

Uvez: Meki

Broj Stranica: 48

Jezik: Engleski

Godina izdanja: 2014

Autori: Bratanić,Miki

Šifra: 978-953-954-146-9

Visina: 220 mm

Širina: 220 mm

Story of the konoba

Dalmatian vine, Dalmatian oil, Dalmatian prosciutto, Dalmatian cheese, Dalmatian anchovies and all of the other delicacies of the gem of Croatia, Dalmatia, were born or bred in its konobas. One of the greatest cultural riches of Dalmatia was conceived in it; Dalmatian klapa singing. The tavern weaned generations, and left an indelible mark on its traditions and culture; many of Dalmatia’s iconic characteristics were conceived, born or bred in it, so one can rightly say that it is the cradle of Dalmatia.
The konoba is a singular place in which one can come to know the flavors and aromas of Dalmatia, its people, their love, diligence, honesty, faith, and above all else, their relationship towards heritage and tradition. And it is precisely these laborers that are at the heart of the story of the konoba. Their peaceful way of living, healthy diet, everyday socializing and everything that makes up the philosophy of quality living is actually the konoba.
And the konoba is not merely Dalmatian, Croatian or Mediterranean; it is universal, and as such offers its philosophy on life to everyone, for the benefit of everyone, because all people desire health, peace, and satisfaction. The tale of the konoba is dedicated to laborers, the last guardians of the konoba, and is meant for everyone, so as to familiarize the various aspects of what the konoba used to be, and what it is today, what it used to mean to people, and what it means to them today, and most importantly, what it could mean to people tomorrow.


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