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Nakladnik: Vlastita naklada (Miki Bratanić)

ISBN: 978-953954-1420

Uvez: Tvrdi

Broj Stranica: 150

Jezik: Engleski

Godina izdanja: 2010

Autori: Bratanić,Miki

Šifra: 978-953954-1420

Visina: 180 mm

Širina: 180 mm

The Konoba

The meaning of the word “konoba” could generally be explained with only a few sentences:
a place where men make wine and keep it;
a place where men keep their tools
for working in vineyards and wine cellars;
actually, it is a cellar or an underground part of a house, or a tavern where one can eat quality, home-made food
and drink a glass of wine. And indeed, the konoba is all those things, but at the same time, much more than that.
It is a starting and returning point in the vintner’s daily life, his sanctuary, his safety, and above all, his pride.
It is, in fact, the mirror of the hardworking man, his measure, his personality; when we speak of the konoba,
we actually speak of people, their efforts, their pain, their life on earth and from earth.
This book, “The konoba”, will try to show through pictures, words and poetry, a united trinity of the earth, the man and the konoba, remembered in times of some different values.


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